Actor. Advocate. Artist. Creative. Model. Musician. Photographer. Poet. Videographer. Visualist. Volunteer. Writer. Youth Developer. Dreamer. Human.

PRISM Collaborative founder and curator Juwan Holmes is a boundary-defying, multi-hyphenate creative and Brooklyn native specializing in digital media, culture and art criticism. From his work in disciplines ranging from photojournalism to writing, there isn’t much Juwan isn’t capable of exploring as an artist. 

His pre-eminent essay, “You Are A Prince to Us: Recognizing Girl 6, Spike Lee and Prince’s Soundtrack,” was recognized by Academy Award™-winning director and screenwriter Spike Lee. 

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Juwan is fully available for freelance opportunities, full-time and contract positions, media appearances and paid (only) commissions on creative projects.

Proud member of Freelancers Union

Worked With/Seen In…

Career (Full list here)


Pro DSLR + iPhone Photography – Portraits, Landscape, Nature, etc.

Writer, Editor & Critic

Writings and Media – Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Analysis, Commentary featuring work.

The PhotoView

The PhotoView is Juwan the Curator’s unique and innovative photojournalistic method of interviewing.

Acting / Video

Film, Television, and Video Production, Acting, and/or Direction.


Fashion Design, Costuming, Outfit Planning and Styling


Modeling, Influencing, and Brand Ambassadorship for Brands, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and More

Events and Experiences

Extensive training in Stage Management, Hosting, Planning, Assisting with and/or managing aspects of events, exhibits, or experiences.

Brand Development

Intermediate, Advanced Conceptualization, Design, Coordination, and Planning for websites, logos, graphic designs, social media material, press, etc.

PRISM Collaborative

The PRISM Collaborative Group is a Brooklyn-based collaborative arts and apparel effort to unify the multi-talented under a singular brand.

Advocacy, Youth Development and More

Years of experience in supervising and instructing youth, advocating for LGBTQ+ causes, being the creator of the The #FightToWrite, and co-founder of Humans of Hip Hop.

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