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Juwan has written professionally since his acclaimed poem “I Remember Me” was first published in 2012. That year, he completed songwriting and musical theater training at the MIMA Academy in Brooklyn, NY. He also contributed to writing and recording the song “Breathe.”

As a student and eventual employee of the digital arts and media non-profit Vivid Imagination Program, Juwan was involved in the creation and execution of several successful media releases, namely being the creator and writer of the digital series N.E.R.D.S. (2014-15), which aimed to realistically depict the modern life of those in high school.

Juwan made a name for himself as a Community Editor and Contributor at Genius.com (formerly RapGenius), establishing himself as one of the internet’s top scholars on Michael Jackson, Prince, Sheila E., Rick Astley and Epic Rap Battles of History. He helped define the site’s contributor guidelines referring to sampling. Juwan was a columnist at LWOS.Life and a contributor at both Last Word on Pro Football and Umber.LIFE. He was also a founder and editor of the publications FIFTY54 Magazine and PRISM Mag.

Juwan served as the Weekend Editor at LGBTQ Nation, the world’s most-followed, most-viewed LGBTQ news source, from October 2019 to April 2020. There, he successfully spearheaded the site’s Black History Month and State of the Union overages. Currently, he is the Editorial Revolutionary-in-Chief of The Renaissance Project on Medium, a progressive hip-hop publication created by PRISM Collaborative Media. His foremost essay, “‘You Are A Prince to Us’: Recognizing Girl 6, Spike Lee and Prince’s Soundtrack” garnered praise from Spike Lee himself.

Selected Work:

Interview with Rep. Maxine WatersLGBTQ Nation

“It looks like Mayor Pete is doing his thing in Iowa,” Rep. Waters said to LGBTQ Nation‘s Juwan Holmes at the Millennial Media Row. “And that should be absolutely one of the most inspiring things that the LGBT community can ever hope for.”

If you think voting will solve Black people’s problems, you’re not listeningThe Independent

“Our right to live without facing brutality and death at the hand of police is a civil one — really, a human one…the fight for our lives cannot wait for an election date because, by itself, voting cannot save us.”

The Barbershop is a refuge for Black men – but not if they’re queerXtra Magazine

I grew up in the shop, a space for straight Black men to seek support, friendship and community. But for queer men like me, it’s hardly a haven.

“You Are a Prince to Us”: Recognizing Girl 6PRISM MAG

Read the unprecedented, most detailed account to date of Prince’s making of the 1996 soundtrack, reviewed as ‘great’ by Girl 6 director Spike Lee himself.

In the Midst of a Pandemic, a Tech Company Forced Sensitive Data from MeAn Injustice!

In order to maintain my survival, I had no choice but to turn over unnecessary, invasive data to Bill.com in the name of ‘authentication’ — “who authenticates the authenticator in these times?”

Interview with Elena Joy Thurston, TEDx Alum + conversion therapy survivorLGBTQ Nation

“You’re only a survivor until you’re a statistic. You’ve got to protect your mental health…”

Profile: Jonny On A Quest The Renaissance

Budding Texan Jonny Jukebox’s Life, Music, and Non-Conformance – “I think whatever you tap in, whatever makes you happy, whatever gives you purpose, then that’s your royalty.”

How Prince’s Musicology Proved He Would Never Let Anyone Else Define His Story Bustle

“Prince was walking back in the room, commandeering a corner office, and refusing to be kicked out or taken for granted. Musicology was a tool to celebrate, redefine, and study himself all at once — and it worked.”

Film – Rolling the Dice (2016)

Selected Work, continued:


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Great Article. I miss my brother…

– Academy Award™ winner Spike Lee

Beautiful Article!

– Award-winning television presenter/journalist Gio Benitez

You Inspire me to be hopeful!

You’re Such a Beautiful Writer.

I really enjoyed the heart…a lot of digestible information.

You’re doing such important work.


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